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Storm Cloud LED Sign

Storm Cloud LED Sign

Excluding Sales Tax

[Real neon lights and cloud signs are real acrylic neon lights, not led plastic. Neon lights are handmade. The most advanced electrode system has low power consumption and long service life. The neon light uses a 5V low voltage design, so there is no need to worry about heat generation, and there is no risk of broken glass or leakage of harmful substances. It has a place in millions of homes as a neon wall decoration, neon wall light, neon light and night light.


Input voltage: 4.5 (V)
Type: LED modeling light
Luminous flux: 10000 (LM)
Shell material: polystyrene
Lamp holder specifications: E14
Light color: blue clouds and warm lightning
Can dimming: Yes
Life: 5000 (H)
Use range: bedroom, study room, holiday decoration lights, etc.
Characteristic service: warm service, sincere hospitality, quality assurance, worry-free after-sales

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